About Suffolk Open Studios

Suffolk Open Studios is a collaborative organisation run by artists for artists and art lovers.

It is known for the high quality of member's work, who are trusted to show the very best of their work without the formality of a selection process.  We encourage public recognition of and engagement with working artists, we organise art events and support the aims of the National Open Studios network.

We promote the creation and appreciation of the visual arts in Suffolk through our Open Studios during June, which to give visitors the chance to meet and talk to artists and see their work in the setting of their own studios.

Our Aims

  • Promote and support multi-site open studios events
  • Promote and develop the market for high quality, locally created original art, craft and design.
  • Encourage a wider public recognition and engagement with working artists.
  • Promote the importance of local artists to the economic, educational and social well being of communities.
  • Support in association with local events, the career development of artists  

Our Objectives

  • Encourage the active sharing of information, ideas and developments between events.
  • Promote regionally and nationally, the creative, economic and social importance of art events.
  • Encourage and support the development of new and existing art events.
  • In conjunction with others the development of complementary activities such as artists training, community and education projects, student involvement and cross event exchanges.

Our Terms and Conditions for Members

  • Applications for Full membership are accepted from 1st October and close on 31st December annually, outside of this time you may become an Associate member. 
  • The committee of Suffolk Open Studios does not operate a selection system of prospective members work to qualify applicants for membership, reliance is based on self-selection.
  • To be eligible for membership of Suffolk Open Studios you must be a maker of original works of art/craft and have your studio/gallery located in Suffolk. 
  • The word original is defined as being art or craft designed and made by the relevant member.  Work that is the product of assembled components made by others e.g. jewellery must be carefully labelled to avoid any misconception as to its originality. Please contact a member of the committee if you have any questions on this issue.
  • A membership fee is set at the AGM and is currently £90 for full members, £40 for associates and £100 for gallery members.
  • Full members of SOS must open their studios for a minimum of one weekend in June (on both days) between 11am and 5pm.
  • If due to unforeseen circumstances a member is unable to open their studio as advertised in the Directory or is unable to exhibit their work as advertised in a Hub, they must inform the committee as soon as possible. We recommend that it is good practise to display signage to alert visitors that the studio is closed. Failure to open as advertised has been a source of complaint from the public, members are therefore urged to handle such eventualities carefully to avoid damage to their own reputation and to that of Suffolk Open Studios as an organisation.
  • Member's Exhibitions are not exclusive to SOS member's except if held during June when studios are open. It is strongly recommended that Member's Exhibitions should take place outside of June to avoid distractions to the main event.
  • Members opening their studios or staging a Member's Exhibition are responsible for their own public liability and other insurance cover. Each member has a responsibility to ensure the safety of their visitors. At no point does any duty of care transfer to Suffolk Open Studios. (Please note that SOS is unable to provide blanket cover for home/private activities because it does not 'organise and control' the home/private exhibitions but is simply providing promotional services.)
  • The management committee of SOS cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information within the SOS directory/web site or for any complication in the event of using the SOS directory / website. SOS has no responsibility or liability for any business that may ensue from your membership of Suffolk Open Studios.

Our Constitution


1. The full membership of SOS will have the duty to decide the policies of SOS within the aims and objects as laid down in Clause 1 of this Constitution, together with such other business as may be assigned from time to time at General Meetings of SOS. 

2. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in each year at such time [not more than fifteen months after the previous AGM] and place as the Committee shall determine. At least two weeks’ notice shall be given by the Secretary to members.

3. At the AGM the business shall include the election of Honorary Officers and other positions as are appropriate, and the Election of the Committee and the consideration of annual reports on the work carried out by and for SOS including a financial report.  A quorum for the AGM shall be 25 members or 25% of members whichever is least. 

4. The Committee shall meet at least three times in a financial year.


1. The following Honorary Officers shall be elected at the AGM: Chairman, Membership secretary, Treasurer and such other Officers as SOS may from time to time decide. 

2. The Committee shall also be elected at AGM and will comprise of the Officers, those responsible for Publicity, Advertising and Fundraising and Representatives from different areas of the County. 

3. The committee shall have the powers to co-opt members to work for SOS in special circumstances e.g. illness or resignation. 

4. Members may be reimbursed for expenses incurred when working on behalf of SOS and this will be supervised by the Treasurer.

Financial Matters

1. SOS shall have the power to raise money by means of Subscriptions from Members and may receive donations, grant aid, fees, sponsorship aid and income from sales.  Changes to annual subscription rates and commission rates may be recommended by Committee for approval at next General Meeting. 

2. The Treasurer shall supervise all financial matters concerning SOS including Banking, Payment and the preparation of Annual Accounts for AGM. 

3. As a non-profit-making organisation, any surplus funds after the year’s financial end will be carried forward to further the Aims of SOS.

Alteration of the Constitution

Amendments and improvements to this Constitution shall only be made at an AGM and by a two-thirds majority providing the overall aims are maintained. 


SOS may only be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two- thirds majority at an AGM and any asset, in that case, shall be distributed to a non-profit-making organisation having similar aims to SOS.