Ania Hobson


Ania Hobson
Meadows Farm
Church street
IP17 2AZ
07914 536702
Suffolk Coastal
Alde Valley Trail
3rd - 4th June, 10th - 11th June, 17th - 18th June, 24th - 25th June
Figurative art
Oil Painting
In March Ania will be exhibiting at The Royal Society Of British Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London, 22nd March - 1st April. She has also exhibited with the the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries in London, 2015 and The Royal Society Of Portrait Painters. Last year Ania was also shortlisted for The BP Portrait Awards. She has had numerous shows, joint and solo, and is presently working towards a major solo portraiture show in London.
Ania's paintings hang in Italy, Holland, Germany, Canada and the USA and has paintings on permanent display at the Resipole at the Dray Gallery in Suffolk. She donates paintings annually for the Magic Bus Charity event at the Dorchester Hotel aimed at promoting and helping young women in India.

Ania has a degree in fine art, has studied at the Princes Drawing School in London, as well as Portraiture at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy.

Come and join me in my big studio space and get a sneak peek of my latest paintings.

I will be advertising my studio on other dates as well.

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Ania Hobson

Location & Directions

Studio is located in an old stable block in the centre of Rendham, adjacent to the village hall car park, immediately next to the river and bridge on the B1119, Saxmundham, Framlingham road. It will be clearly sign posted.


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