Last Chance – Did You Notice?

The East of Bury Artist’s Trail Exhibition at Stowhealth will be coming down on Thursday.

Artists who took part are: Annabel Ridley, Rebecca Moss Guyver, Carol Saunderson, Jane Lewis, Brenda Reiss, Wendy Theobald, Emma Buckmaster and Lucy Perry.

Most of the artists who took part will be at Stowhealth from 5-7pm on Thursday and visitors will have a chance to see the art one last time before we take it down. In addition, we have produced a catalogue with images and text, including the wonderful poems of Michael Laskey, words by Alain de Botton, Dale Devereux Barker, Dr Sara Booth and Bee Shay. These will be on sale at cost. Thursday will also be a chance to continue the conversation about the role visual arts can play in wellbeing. Stowhealth’s gallery is up on the first floor.