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Below you will find your listing/artist profile, if you have created one. You can update this at any time.

If there is no listing shown then either you have not created one and you should do so here, or your listing is pending awaiting your payment.

Upload Image for the 2018 Directory

Please follow this link to upload your image and read the instructions carefully.

If you have uploaded your directory image as per the instructions shown (i.e. using your ID number as the file name and a jpg file) then you should be able to see it via one of these links, depending on the file extension. Note – only one of these links will work (if you have loaded the file with the correct name):


Add Event to the Calendar

As a member you are welcome to add your own events to the SOS calendar.  You can do this in the admin panel here. Once you have added your event it will need to be approved by an editor before it is published, but we will do this as soon as possible. As you are not able to add images to your events, any images you would like included in the event details should be added here. Your image will then be added by the admin who approves the event.

Changing Your Password

If you wish to change your password you can do so by following this link (will open in a new window).

This will take you to the admin panel and you should scroll down until you see the following:

Click on ‘Generate Password’ and you will be given a text box with a strong password in:

You can either use this password or you can overwrite it with a password of your choice. Please use a strong password. Weak passwords put the site at risk from hackers. Don’t use simple words and include numbers and special characters if you can.

Once you have changed your password you need to save the new one using the save button at the bottom of the page.