Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are the Studios open?

A. Studios are open to the public at the weekends during June, from 11am until 5pm. Not all studios are open every weekend so remember to check the directory or artists pages for details. Some artists are willing to open their studios at other times of the year by appointment, please contact them individually to find out.

Q. Who can join Suffolk Open Studios?

A. Any artist or craftsperson who is able and willing to open their studio or workroom to the public for at least one weekend in June.

You are trusted to show the very best of your work without the formality of a selection process.

Q. Do members have to live in Suffolk?

A. No, as long as their studios are situated in Suffolk.

Q. When can I join Suffolk Open Studios?

A. For full membership you need to join between Oct 1st and Dec 31st to be able to open your studio in the following year. This is because we have to have all our members details finalised in January to draw up our directory in February. Outside of this you can join as a member to benefit from a web portfolio until the next year.

Q. I am a member – how do I find out more information about opening my studio or about the directory?

A. Our Golden Rules for a Successful Open Studios will be sent to all participating members. You can also get advice from your area leader, find them on the Contact Us page. There is also lots of help for new members available at our AGM, the date of which is on the Events calendar.

Q. What is Art About Town?

A. Art About Town runs in May each year. Members are encouraged to approach a local business in their area, often a local cafe, and put on an exhibition of their work, as a preview to opening their studio in June. Details of Art About Town exhibitions are publicised in the SOS Directory.

Q. What is an Artist Hub?

A. Artist Hubs have historically been run during June as part of the Open Studio Event as a committee we have discussed this and are happy for this to take place prior to the SOS event in June. Just email the chair to confirm. Hubs involve member artists getting together at one location, either at the studio of one participant or a hired venue. Sometimes the group of artists will share common interests, such as a group of textile artists. Sometimes the artist’s own studios are in remote locations and it reduces visitor travel time if they collaborate in this way. Hubs are intended to be open every weekend in June, with the participating artists sharing the stewarding duties. Artist Hubs are included in the SOS Directory and are listed on the Artist Hubs page. All participants in a Hub must be full SOS members as they benefit from the marketing effort paid for by the membership.

Q. What is an Artist Trail?

A. Artist Trails also run during June as part of the Open Studio Event. Member artists in a particular locality co-ordinate themselves to open their studios on the same weekend and must produce a map or leaflet to hand out to visitors. We have found this a very useful way to increase the number of visitors to studios. It is logical that the Trail members should all be open on the same day and during the same times, as to not do so is likely to cause confusion and create a negative impression of SOS as a whole. Participants will often have their studios open on other weekends as well as part of the Trail. Artist Trails are included in the SOS Directory and are listed on the Artist Trails page. All participants in a Trail must be full SOS members as they benefit from the marketing effort paid for by the membership.

Q. What is a Member’s Exhibition?

A. Members may arrange their own Member’s Exhibitions. A list is published in the SOS Directory; as long as they are arranged and the Directory coordinator is notified in time for the Directory printing and they are featured in the events calendar on this website.  Members are also welcome to publish a blog post on the website about their exhibition. A Member’s Exhibition is not exclusive to SOS members, except if held in June.