About Us

Suffolk Open Studios is a collaborative organisation run by artists for artists and art lovers.

It is known for the high quality of members’ work, who are trusted to show the very best of their work without the formality of a selection process.

We encourage public recognition of and engagement with working artists, we organise art events and support the aims of the National Open Studios network.

We promote the creation and appreciation of the visual arts in Suffolk through our Open Studios during June, which to give visitors the chance to meet and talk to artists and see their work in the setting of their own studios.

Our Aims

  • Promote and support multi-site open studios events
  • Promote and develop the market for high quality, locally created original art, craft and design.
  • Encourage a wider public recognition and engagement with working artists.
  • Promote the importance of local artists to the economic, educational and social well being of communities.
  • Support in association with local events, the career development of artists

Our Objectives

  • Encourage the active sharing of information, ideas and developments between events.
  • Promote regionally and nationally, the creative, economic and social importance of art events.
  • Encourage and support the development of new and existing art events.
  • In conjunction with others the development of complementary activities such as artists training, community and education projects, student involvement and cross event exchanges.
Check out our video invitation to visit Open Studios, which takes place every June, with over 100 artists and makers, see how they work, learn how they produce their art, be inspired!