Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie

Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie
Abstract Artist

Angelique studied Design Crafts at UEA as a mature student and now works mostly as a printmaker and also enjoys watercolours. Textures and ambience are important parts of my work where mark making is done using specialist tools and colour, dashes and symbols are combined to convey memories, emotion and sounds.
My particular interest in printmaking is focused on collagraphs . I am fascinated when ink, damp paper and pressure all combine and magic is created !.

Nova Scotia

NR34 8AQ
2/3 June2018, 9/10 June 2018, 16/17 June 2018, 23/24 June 2018
Care is needed to find this address which is easily accessible from the A12 although the drive may be overlooked if driving too fast!. Coming from the north pass Wangford and continue along the dual carriage way, the road then becomes a single carriageway at which point proceed for about half a mile then as the road slopes upwards slow down and turn left at the top of the slope into the drive where an open studios notice is displayed. Nova Scotia is at the end of this 1/3 mile drive. If coming from the south stay on the A12 passing the Southwold turnoff on your right and continue on the A12 for 1/2 mile, pass the entrance to Henham Park on your left and then prepare to turn right 300 metres later into Nova Scotia’s drive. There is a Slow Concealed drive sign and an Open Studios notice. Call 07990955392 if help required !

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Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie